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Covalent Resource Group bridges the gap between business technology demands and IT strategies. This technology and IT blog cover trends in software development, IT staffing, and other popular topics like agile methodology and UI/UX. This technology and IT blog is a perfect resource for individuals interested in modernization and digital transformation through the use of technology. Subscribe today.



  • By: Giovanna Berry, CSP, PMP, MBA   One of the more overwhelming activities that need completing in Scrum projects is sizing the entire backlog or a larger quantity of user stories. To make this exercise less cumbersome and even a bit fun, try the affinity sizing method in a collaborative team session. We’ve had great success using this method to size large backlogs efficiently, in a way that keeps the entire team engaged. Let’s jump
  • By: Giovanna Berry | Director of Delivery We’re living in a time in history where team engagement is of utmost importance, yet one of the biggest obstacles faced in delivering innovative and quality solutions. To combat the disengagement of team members and monotony that can result from unchanging facilitation techniques within Agile teams, Agile improv games have emerged. Implementing Agile improv games among your teams is likely to yield highly positive results for your organization,

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