Strengthen the power of your digital workforce with hyperautomation / rpa

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can significantly increase your ROI — if it’s done right. Find out how!

What is RPA?

Hyperautomation / Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows robots to perform work on enterprise software tools to enhance performance and reduce tedious repetitive work.

RPA: The Basics

Robotic Process Automation is applying machine learning capabilities and software to handle repetitive high volume tasks. Some of these tasks include making calculations, addressing queries, maintenance of records, and executing transactions.

There are many ways Hyperautomation / RPA uses tools that can configure and automate tasks including:

  • Opening Emails and Attachments
  • Follow “If / Then” Decisions and Rules
  • Reading and Writing Databases
  • Scraping Data from the Web
  • Preparing and Distributing Reports
  • Connecting to System APIs

Today many domains and industries readily deploy RPA. Any company that is labor-intensive or performing high volume and high transaction functions stand to benefit the most with RPA adoption, boosting its capabilities while saving both money and time.

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The Covalent Approach

Covalent will apply a customized approach, enhanced by scrum-based agile sprints to drive progress and empowering business stakeholders.

True Human + Robot Collaboration

Seamlessly integrate with the rest of your business operations and provide human workers with an amazing user experience when interacting with their digital counterparts.

Improved Financial Controls

Increased Accuracy

Modernize Admin Operations

What are the benefits of RPA?

With its extensive range of applications and flexibility to adapt to change, RPA can positively transform your business.

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Speed to value

RPA results in greater productivity – completing tasks more than 3X faster than if attempted manually.

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Improved time efficiency

Shifting to RPA speeds up task completion time. One robot has the ability to do the work of 2-5 FTEs in the same amount of time.

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Multiple robots can be deployed to tackle processes as needed to address seasonal processes such as year end closure activities.


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